Artificial Lift Calendar of Events

This section contains a calendar of artificial lift workshops, seminars, courses, and meetings.  Where possible information is included on the event sponsor(s), location, date(s), agenda, cost(s, how to join, etc.  ALRDC makes no claim that this calendar of events contains all pertinent events. 

Post an Event

Anyone may offer an event to be posted on this calendar.  To do so, we need to know the following information:

     Event name

     Event start date

     Event end date

     Event location

     Event sponsor

     Event web site  (Will be shown on the ALRDC calendar)

     Agenda (Upload a file or enter  your own text)


     Registration material

     Description of the event

     Requester's name

     Requester's e-mail address

     If this is a Commercial Event, pay $50 to provide a link to your commercial web site.

     If this is not a Commercial Event, there is no cost to place this on the ALRDC calendar.

     If this is a Commercial Event, choose to pay by check or credit card.

     If paying by credit card, enter the information to indicate which credit card to use.



Enter the Required Information


This information can all be provided on line by clicking the Event Input Form.-

        Event Input Form  

      The procedure is:

If we have any questions or comments before posting an event, send an e-mail to