ALRDC Sponsors

The following companies and organizations are official sponsors of ALRDC.  Sponsor levels are: 


            Titanium    --- $2,000 or more, and/or more than one staff month per year of in kind service.

            Platinum    --- $1,000 - $2,000, and/or less than one staff month per year of in kind service.

            Gold          --- $750 - $1,000.

            Silver         --- $500 - $750.

            Bronze      --- Less than $500, and/or incidental in kind service.


Sponsorships are good for one year from the Effective Date.  They must be renewed annually, or they will expire.

List of ALRDC Sponsors



Organization or




Primary Contact



E-Mail Address















AppSmiths, Inc.


Dan Dees 



AppSmiths, Inc.

Contact:  Dan Dees

Web Site:


AppSmiths develops artificial lift software, with a primary focus on gas-lift design, analysis, surveillance, and troubleshooting.



Lynn Rowlan

1/1/2009 Platinum

Echometer Company

Contact:  O. Lynn Rowlan

Web Site:


Echometer is the leading supplier of instruments, software and training to analyze and optimize the performance of oil, gas and water wells throughout the world.


Muth Pump, LLC Garold Much

11/23/2013 Gold

Muth Pump, LLC

Contact:  Garold Muth


300% increase in downhole rod pump run life. Muth Pump, Manufacturer and Creator of the FARR Plunger! Numerous studies by prominent oil companies around the world, including a 2013 SIX SIGMA study shows a 300% increase in run life with the FARR Plunger. The FARR Plunger is designed for use with rod pumps in oil and gas wells. It can be used in any API pump barrel for insert pumps or tubing pumps. Its unique design allows it to pump when sand and other solids are present without sticking and will stay in the ground 3 to 6 time longer than all other sand type pumps. Other distinct advantages are: 1. Reduce rig count on lease. 2. Reduce personnel and vehicles on lease. 3. Reduce Health & Safety incidents. 4. Reduce Environmental Spill Incidents You don’t have to change pump shops and/or manufacture. We distribute to all of them. Just request a FARR plunger in your next pump. "By FARR, We Make Your Rod Pumps the Best in the Industry"


Oilfield Automation Consulting


Cleon Dunham

1/1/2009 Titanium

Oilfield Automation Consulting

Contact:  Cleon Dunham

Web Site;


Oilfield Automation provides consulting and training in the application of artificial lift and artificial lift automation systems.


Oilfield Trash


1/1/2009 Bronze

Oilfield Trash
Contact:  Bob

Web Site:


Oilfield Trash is web site with information about oil and gas.  In addition to other features, it has a calendar of oil and gas meetings, activities, etc.


Texas Tech University, Department of Petroleum Engineering


Ronda Brewer

1/1/2009 Bronze

Texas Tech University, Department of Petroleum Engineering

Southwestern Petroleum Short Course (SWPSC)

Contact:  Ronda Brewer

Web Site:


SWPSC (Southwestern Petroleum Short Course) is held each spring at Texas Tech University.  It provides technology exchange for members of the Petroleum Industry.


Weatherford Completion and Production Systems, eProduction Solutions

Rajan Chokshi



Weatherford Completion and Production Systems, eProduction Solutions

Contact:  Rajan Chokshi

Web Site:

Weatherford Completion & Production Systems provides completion systems, all forms of artificial lift, and production optimization. We offer our customers a comprehensive line of completion products as well as engineered and integrated completion systems for oil and natural gas fields. These products and services include: cased hole completion systems, sand screens, expandable sand screens (“ESS”™) and production chemical system.

We were one of the first companies to provide complete artificial lift well optimization services and products. We now offer proprietary software that works with artificial lift and intelligent completion systems to remotely monitor and control wells, as well as optimize field production, from a central location. Our systems are used in more than 40,000 wells worldwide.