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Intermittent Gas-Lift Applications

Author: Martinez, John
Organization(s): Production Associates
Date Written: 2/25/2005
Date Added: 6/1/2008
Category: Gas Lift > General - Intermittent Gas Lift
Keywords: Production Associates Intermittent Gas-Lift Applications

Intermittent gas lift is a good application in low reservoir pressure wells that benefit from batch or slug production. The reservoir pressure or productivity has declined and the attainable flowing bottom hole pressure cannot effectively lift the continuous flow column of fluid.

The batch production technique allows the gas slug to lift a liquid slug, yet the column is mostly gas after the slug surfaces, which causes bottom hole pressure to be low and permits the reservoir to feed another small slug into the wellbore.

Data from testing will give the characteristics of the intermittent gas lift batch process. Application guidelines will be given for appropriate usage of intermittent lift.

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