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Self-Tuning Algorithm for Intermittent Gas Lift

Author: Gustavo Vinicius Lourenço Moisés; Jaildo de Jesús; Joseil Rodrigues da Silva; Nadilson Santos Muniz
Organization(s): Petrobras
Date Written: 2/6/2007
Date Added: 3/2/2009
Category: Gas Lift > General - Intermittent Gas Lift

This work describes a self-tuning algorithm that was developed to identify equipment failures and behavior changes of Intermittent Gas Lift wells, improving the asset production cycle efficiency.

The shape of tubing and casing pressures cycle curves are the key elements of the algorithm that identify the most common failures related to Intermittent Lift Gas and infer well change behaviors such as water cut variations and production losses due to valves leakages or blockages, tubing leakage to the annular and short gas injection period. Without further system adjustments, this algorithm adapts automatically to the well’s parameters and informs its status by sending error messages to the SCADA system.

In addition, production indicators based on well status are used to measure the efficiency of maintenance and operator staff in order to maximize production and improve the asset work flow.

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