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Gas Chamber Pump: “Perfection of High Volume Intermittent Chamber Technology”

Author: Gossell, Steve
Organization(s): Flare Petroleum Services, Kuwait Oil Company
Date Written: 2/6/2007
Date Added: 3/2/2009
Category: Gas Lift > General - Intermittent Gas Lift

Intermittent gas lift is utilized when reservoir pressure depletes below that of efficient continuous gas lift. Chamber lift is a common practice to enhance the starting slug size and increase the produced liquid rate by 2-5 times over conventional intermittent lift methods. A disadvantage of chamber lift is the large volume of gas required to lift the slug to the surface which causes system upsets on both lift gas system pressure and separation facilities; thus chamber lift historically is not applicable to offshore platforms.

Recently a refinement and simplification of a proven technology has made high volume chamber lift applicable to both onshore and offshore environments. Continuous gas lift is applied above the chamber to lift the produced fluids to the surface, so the gas required to purge the chamber is minimal. Rapid cycling of the chamber permits much higher volumes than historically associated with intermittent gas lift chambers.

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