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Introduction to Hydraulic Pumping
by: Wilson, PM — Added 11/5/2009 7:29:55 PMWinkler Library - Hydraulic Pumping

This is a document produced by Kobe, Inc. covering an introduction to artificial lift with hydraulic pumping.

Kope Field Manual for Hydraulic Oil Well Pumping Systems
by: Author(s) Unknown — Added 11/10/2009 2:54:22 PMWinkler Library - Hydraulic Pumping

This manual explains the Kobe Hydraulic Pumping System, tells how to
operate a Kobe installation, anc provides instructions covering such maintenance work as is normally done in the field.

Part I covers the fundamental hydraulic principles upon which the operation of the Kobe System is based, and describes the design and operation
of the several elements of the system.

Part II provides detailed instructions covering the operation of the four
most widely used types of Kobe installations, and also covers field maintenance

Should questions or problems arise which are not covered in this manual,
or should clarification of any point be required, contact the nearest
Kobe representative or write Kobe, Inc., 3040 E. Slauson Ave., Huntington
Park, C&lifornia.

Theory and Application of Hydraulic Oil Well Pumps
by: Coberly, CJ — Added 11/10/2009 7:06:18 PMWinkler Library - Hydraulic Pumping

In the broad definition hydraulic bottom-hole pumps
are fluid power operated, which would include both
liquid and gas as the power transmitting means. At
the present time the only commercial pumps are
liquid operated and the liquid is generally the well
oil with the gas, water and sand removed to a point
substantially better than required for pipe line oil.
Water may also be used as the power transmitting
fluid and has recently been tried, but is not yet