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Chemical Injector for Plunger Lift
by: Sam Farris — Added 9/20/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - Chemical Topics

This patented system consists of a typical chemical pump, chemical chamber fitted atop a modified lubricator cap, all on the surface and a modified plunger available in any configuration currently on the market. The entire system has only 4 moving parts, not including the plunger. This system is capable of transporting liquid chemicals each plunger cycle. The entire system can be installed with common tools typically, during the shut-in segment of the well cycle. Field trials in two different wells in So. Louisiana over 168 days showed a reduction in metal loss (corrosion coupons before and during field trials) of 17% in one well and 3% in another well.

The system incorporates non-metallic components to reduce metal loss caused by abrasion. The system can be set up to deploy multiple chemicals with a single system, i.e., corrosion inhibitors, foaming agents, oxygen scavengers, biocides, etc. The system is more efficient than capillary strings and much more economical to install

Solid Chemical Stick Applications for Optimization of Gas Production
by: Eddie Huber, Katherine Klipstine — Added 9/20/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - Chemical Topics

Wide varieties of solid chemical sticks, when properly used, can be cost effective and increase production of gas wells. Determination of the right solid chemical stick is crucial for all applications. Analysis of water, oil, and determination of fluid column height, hydrocarbon content, chlorides, and bottom hole pressure and temperature are used to determine the proper formulation of solid chemical sticks.

For economic reason you can follow the 25-30% removal principal when using soap sticks. It is not unusual to find that if 25-30% of the water column is removed by soap sticks, an equal amount of back psi (25-30%) is eliminated from the formation. This allows a surge of gas that helps remove some additional water for a period of time. This is again achieved by proper selection of solid chemical sticks.