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Preventing ESP Failures by Utilizing Integrated Control System in the SACROC CO2 Flood
by: Scott C. Shifflett, Malcom Rainwater — Added 6/13/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - Failures

ESP systems are difficult to operate in plumping wells. This is a common operating condition in CO2 floods. A flowing well simulates a no-load or gas locking condition at the surface. The controller then shuts the well down as the underload parameters are exceeded. This repeated cycling is damaging to all components in the system.

An integrated control system utilizing a downhole sensor, surface controls and RTU can been utilized to prevent unnecessary shutdowns and premature failures. This system by-passes the underload parameters but limits the motor operating temperature to 200?F. If a gas locking or pump off condition occurs, the motor temperature rises, the system shuts the unit down and then restarts once the temperatures normalize.

This application increases production and reduced system failures. This paper will detail the production performance with and without integrated control systems.