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ALS Hydraulic Pump Improvement – Additional Development
by: Michael T. Gracey, Harold H. Palmour — Added 6/9/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - General Hydraulic Pumping

A new technology called the Hydro-Balanced Stuffing Box System, used successfully to prevent pollution caused by polished rod pumps, was designed for use in Artificial Lift System using a positive displacement plunger pump. The development was discussed in a paper presented at the 2000 Southwestern Petroleum Short Course, and this paper will discuss the field testing and further developments in the technology. A leak in the high pressure packing of a pump has the potential of causing environmental pollution, safety hazards, loss of energy and costly clean-up.

The technology described transfers the pressure of the product being pumped to a sacrificial barrier fluid of known characteristics. When the seals wear sufficiently to leak, only the environmentally friendly fluid leaks to the atmosphere. The presentation will include slides and drawings of the Hydro-Based Technology.

Hydraulic Diaphragm Insetable (HDI) Pump
by: Jaren Mangum, John Patterson — Added 9/20/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - General Hydraulic Pumping

In response to customer needs, Smith Lift has developed a 1 3/4 in hydraulically driven diaphragm pump that allows the operator to insert and pull the pump without pulling the production tubing. The Hydraulic Diaphragm Insertable (HDI) pump is driven by a surface hydraulic power unit, which actuates a hydraulic cylinder down hole creating positive displacement pumping action, similar to a rod pump. The HDI pump can be installed with or without seating nipples in standard 2 3/8 in (or larger) production tubing. This paper will discuss the operation and deployment of the HDI pump along with initial results from preliminary testing including solid handling, electrical efficiency, pull and run economics, and low volume/deep pump performance.