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Multi-Phase Pump in West Texas
by: Rod Collins, Reg Prostebby — Added 6/9/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - Multi-Phase Pumping

Formation gas and viscous fluids have long been important but difficult to deal with aspects of bottom hole rod pumps. These have been a variety of different pump designs to address these issues individually. Many of these designs have had drawbacks including effectiveness, service life, and a limited range of application. A new pump has been developed which performs well in widely varying applications. Originally designed for heavy oil, this pump has been reengineered for use in conventional light oil wells that have tried other gas control devices with little or no success. The results so far have been very encouraging.

This paper outlines the principles of operation of the Multi-Phase Pump along with the evolution of design. The reengineer of this pump has made it particularly adept at producing foamy/gassy fluids with low fluid gradients and pump intake pressures. Applications, materials, and system sizing will be discussed, and a few case histories are presented.

by: Bryan V. Butler — Added 6/10/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - Multi-Phase Pumping

Multiphase Pumping is creating a new niche as a tool for coaxing additional production out of wells. Previously, this method was seen as a discipline for saving capital costs, such as additional subsea lines, or reducing surface treatment equipment needed to gather and move heavy, gassy crude. Today it has become a specialty tool for lowering back pressure of wells that otherwise have difficulty producing into established production systems. Alternatively, it can be used with other downhole methods to optimize gas lift, jet pumping, and even augment performance of PCPs/ESPs. Confidence has grown among users as they learn to effectively apply this equipment.

This paper catalogs these methods and cites examples of successful applications. Innovative methods, case histories and principle types of multiphase pumps used today are described, including new reciprocating-type pumps. Finally, methods for optimizing cash return from a multiphase installation is presented.