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Beam Gas Compressor Relieves Casing Pressure on Rod Pumping Wells
by: Charlie McCoy — Added 9/20/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - BP Surface Equipment

The Beam Gas Compressor (BGC) utilizes the energy from the normal pumping action of the pump jack. Gas is drawn from the casing during the suction cycle through check valves and is pumped (compressed) through check valves into the flow line on the compression cycle of the unit. The gas flows with liquids to the separator and to the gas sales line. The BGC is a double-acting unit and compresses gas on both the up and down stroke of the pumping unit. The BGC does not affect the counterblance of the pumping unit.

The BGC has been successful in increasing production and cash flow on low bottom hole pressure wells where a rod pump is being utilized to produce the fluids. By relieving casing back presssure we experience an increase in both gas and oil.

by: Art Pena, Lynn Rowlan — Added 6/10/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - BP Surface Equipment

The DynaPump is a unique rod pumping system that is composed of the pumping unit and the power unit. While similar to a Rotaflex pumping unit, the long stroke feature, it uses hydraulics as the lifting mechanism. The DynaPump offers several benefits such as the use of more efficient motors, smoother rod reversals, internal pump-off controller (better inflow control), etc. Several of these features were evaluated on recent well installation.

Injecta-Box™ Injectable Packing Stuffing Box for Sucker Rod Pumping Wells
by: Ian Rimmer, Benny Williams — Added 6/13/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - BP Surface Equipment

The Injecta-Box? injectable packing stuffing box allows the operator to replace the packing in a stuffing box by pumping it into the stuffing box with an injection “gun” similar to a grease gun. This approach saves production downtime and labor hours as well as gives the operator greater confidence in sealing the well bore due to the reliability and robustness of the injectable packing. This paper will describe the completed Injecta-Box? testing program, the design, and the applications.

Performance Characteristics of the Mark II Improved Geometry Pumping Unit
by: Doyle, David; Atwell, Dewayne; Hunt, Cecil — Added 9/19/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - BP Surface Equipment

The paper will discuss the fundamentals of the Mark II pumping unit and the torque analysis. Comparisons will be made to other types of pumping units to show where this unit will have a reduced torque and additional operational benefits to the operator.

Permian Wasson Clearfork RMT "DynaPump Project Update"
by: Saul L. Tovar, Larry Smith — Added 6/13/2009 12:00:00 AMSWPSC - BP Surface Equipment

The Dynapump is a means of artificial lift that has been gaining recognition in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico over the past two years. The Dynapump is a hydraulic, ultra long stroke pumping unit that has heavy lift capabilities. The use of solid-state electronics and computerization lower energy costs while giving new flexibility to the artificial lift process. The pumping cycle is optimized through consistent feedback of surface and down hole conditions. The DynaPump's capability to independently adjust the speed of the up and down strokes and change stroke lengths during changing operating conditions result in well optimization while reducing surface and down hole maintenance. The result of the DynaPump design and pumping concept results in an overall reduction in artificial lift costs.