ALRDC Artificial Lift Yellow Pages

The purpose of the ALRDC artificial lift yellow pages is for artificial lift Operating Companies, Service/Supply Companies, Universities, R&D Companies, Consultants, and others to advertise their artificial lift equipment, tools, techniques, and services.  A small fee is charged those who advertise in the yellow pages.

Cost of an Entry in the Yellow Page



Description of Ad


Cost per Year


One Entry in the Yellow Pages. 

This includes name, address(es), telephone number(s), e-mail address(es), web site address(s), and up to five lines of description.




Same as No. 1 plus up to fifty lines of description.




Same as No. 1 plus up to five links to advertising information.




Combination of No. 2 and No. 3.




Other, to be Negotiated




More Than Entry in the Yellow Pages (e.g. in more than one category). 

Submit a separate input form for each entry.

10% discount for each additional link.


Submit an Entry to be Included in the Yellow Pages

Anyone may submit an entry to be included in the ALRDC artificial lift yellow pages.  To submit an entry,  use the following form.

Yellow Pages Input Form

If we have any questions or comments before adding this entry to the yellow pages, we'll communicate with you via e-mail.